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RVDesigns has the largest selection of Willow Tree® figurines in the area.  
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A Tree A Prayer
May you find strength, beauty and peace each day

Angel of Healing

For those who give comfort with caring and tenderness
Angel of the Spirit
Nurturing the spirit, inside and out


Awaiting a miracle
Father and Daughter
Celebrating the bond of love between fathers and daughters
Friendship is the sweetest gift!
Healing Grace
May a quiet strength bring you grace
Je t'aime
In any language, it's you I love
Loving Angel
Love, Pure and simple
My Sister, My Friend
Walk with me. And along the way, we'll share... everything
Hold dear the promise of love
Sisters by Heart
Celebrating a treasured friendship of sharing and understanding
Surrounded by Love
Abundant love surrounds you
For those who have found their true partner in love and life
Angel of Hope
Each day, hope anew
Beautiful Wishes
A gathering of beautiful wishes for you - love, health, happiness
Forging a bond that lasts a lifetime
Close to Me
Apart or together, always close to me
Father and Son
Celebrating the bond of love between fathers and sons


Bridging generations with ageless love
Hero, we honor thee, keeping safe your memory
Lavender Grace
May all your senses be filled with healing grace
Mother and Daughter
Celebrating the bond of love between mothers and daughters
New Life
Celebrating the miracle of new life
Always, I will remember...

Spirit of Giving

Generosity is your shining gift
Treasuring a rare, quiet and tender moment of motherhood
Two Alike
Celebrating a unique harmony

Angel Love

So happy to love and be loved

Angel of Prayer

For those who believe in the power of prayer
Each day, unexpected blessings
Bringing a triumphant spirit, inspiration and courage
Holding thoughts of you closely
I'm so grateful for your friendship
Irish Charm
May luck and laughter light your days!
Love, everlasting and true
Mother and Son
Celebrating the bond of love between mothers and sons
Prayer of Peace
Seeking the quiet within
Memories... hold each one safely in your heart
Friendship brings the sun... and flowers bloom!
Thinking of You
Keeping you close in my thoughts

*Please call RVDesigns to confirm the availability of your chosen figurine.